The New Story Awaits!

10/10/11 00:05

Greeeetings everyone! 'S your favorite trio! Zerrex, Mahihko and Lone, here with some excitin' news. Although we haven't had the greatest of luck in finding time to really update the site's total framework (aka I've made almost no progress on the gallery and...there aren't any pretty colors or pictures or anything but WHATEVER) what we HAVE had time for is to upload Zerrex's latest story in the epic series he's been working at for years. So...without further ado, you should totally go on over to Zerrex's corner and check it out! It's got all kinda awesome scenes that everyone's gonna find badass in one way or another! But uh...I do have some work eventually coming out for the gallery, I promise...and for now you'll be able to just check out either of our FA pages! There's some stuff to entertain you for now. know the rules. Keep your eyes peeled, and be on the look out for the eventual big-update-rush we keep promising.



06/03/11 23:38

Hey guys! This is Mahihko again, just wanted to add some more news! Zerrex and I have been pretty busy the last month, but we've been banging out some more of the site's his page for stories! We're basically now just trying to figure out how to display his stories...right now we're bouncin' between having an actual .doc file for y'all to download, or maybe a paginated .pdf file. The latter would take longer to open...but you'd be able to view it in your browser instead of having to download it. But we'll figure it out soon enough! Anyway, I also picked up some coding through a few places that should give me the capability to do some kinda semi-interactive gallery for drawings, too. For all those familiar with FA, it would be...semi-similar. A thumbnail-style gallery, with a new page for each picture (at least down the road, when I've the patience! 'Til then, they'd just open in a new tab/window) and the ability to enlarge the thumbnails. Exciting! Otherwise, not a whole else lot to blab about. But be sure to swing by Zerrex's FA site if you wanted to leave us any comments or questions! Thanks a bundle, and y'all keep your eyes open, as always!


Site building underway!

05/05/10 20:12

Hey everyone! Mahihko here, just putting up a little splatter about the process of our website so far! As is likely obvious, there's still lots of work to do (like..learning how to do a forum! Or gallery!) but we figured we might as well throw up some standing information and update what we can. Thanks to time-constraining activities that seem to surround us, we haven't been able to do a lot of work...though we're learning! Soon we'll have a working section where Zerrex's writings can be viewed (though for should totally go check out his FA site to see what he's got to read!) and hopefully after that a little something set up to view some artwork. So keep your eyes peeled!

'Til then!