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The Husband Corner

Check out the awesome art 'n stories that inspire my own shit!


11/15/2021 11.26

Woof, updates updates, everywhere. Lots of new art in the gallery to check out, both SFW and NSFW. Nice! Also, TWO new chapters to How Sammy Met Andee to check out -- BOY they are spicy, too, be sure to take a peek at the NSFW link for verse 14, WOOF!

Hot damn we also got two new audiobook verses to have a ear-peek at, too! Head on over there if ya interested! Since I suck at updating with any sort of regularity, we've got like...3 new audiobook verses to check out. WHOOPS. (One of them is our first NSFW audiobook, ooooh, aaaaah!!)

'Kay. Life's busy, all over the place, a mess, etc. Big story just got finished, been doing lots of art, I even did an animation?? It's a SHITTY ONE but I guess you can check it out here if ya like. AIGHT, 'til next time, turd-burglars.



9/17/2021 12.24

Ay, kiddos. We got some updates, y'all! The last chapter of Standoff is here for your approval! Have a good ol' look to see how that li'l tale of the past wraps up! You can also check out the latest verse from How Sammy Met Andee -- those crazy homos are at it again, this time gettin' on the nerves of both Nelson AND Juwo. Helluva feat!

Hot damn we also got two new audiobook verses to have a ear-peek at, too! Head on over there if ya interested! Verses 3 and 4 are ready to rock. Great for the folks who don't want to read!

I've got some new art since the last post, too, but ain't ready. Whoops. Oh well! Next time! Y'all take care 'til then!!


Another update??

8/13/2021 16.25

Wow, I'm on point lately. What a shock! Anyway, it's mostly 'cause Shu is a SLAVE-DRIVER and she forces me to DO THINGS. That and it's way easier for some goddamn reason to goddamn update in small pieces instead of MONTHS in between. Weird, I know.

So Standoff has a new chapter available for readin'. Chapter 4's a doozie, and who's leading who is a tricky sumbitch. Check it out to see how that unfolds (it explains a lotta history, yo!!) I also gots the audiobook for Verse 2 of How Sammy Met Andee! You can get that here if ya so please!

And last but not least, take a trip by the gallery, too, to check out a few new colored pieces. All lines by Shu, but mang, I'm learnin' slow and steady thanks to that. Worth a peek!! Y'all be good, now, see you for the next update.


Small update

7/22/2021 20.24

Haha that's a joke. It's a very large update. But I did manage to wait five months again, like. Like, almost *to the date*, whoops.

Anywho, there's all sortsa shit goin' on over here. We got fics galore in the Writing section...there's like three new stories, a buncha new verses to How Sammy Met Andee, yeah, crazy shit. This is what I get for waiting too long too update, I guess. And ON that note, I also started an audiobook experiment! Super unofficial, which's just an mp3 file, but ay. Check it out if ya like. Leave comments. Whatever, mang, as long as it floats yer boat.

Aaaaand new shit in the gallery, as well. LOTS of things again that have lineart by Shu and colors/shading/backgrounds by me. But hey, y'know, it keeps me in practice. Sorta. Go check it out, that little neon bit at the top of the page is one of the pictures I did most recently. Pretty happy with it! Okay, cool, bye!


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