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Oh shit this is a pretty big update

10/28/19 22:16

Alright it's been a hot minute since I updated publically. But hey, it's for good reason! Sorta. I had a shitload of real-life get in the way, for starters. And I also decided to try and make my updates a bit more spaced out...mostly because I built this web server with a Git repository. Which means every time I push an update, it compounds that bitch and eats a little more physical hard drive space. So to try and limit that, I decided I'd work on updates using separate branches, and then when it feels like a good moment to go live with it, bring it in to the live environment!!

"But Pony, I don't know anything about Git repositories, what does that mean???"

Oh. Good point. Don't worry about it, in that case!! All you need to know is that this update has a looot of goodies in it. We'll start with what you see on the left! So, I probably spent...I dunno, a total of nine, ten hours learning SUPER BASIC JSON programming so I could write a couple of basic scripts for my Twitch and Picarto sites that would change the image and show the name of the stream when I go online. BOY that took a long time to learn! Partially, I admit, because I knew VIRTUALLY NOTHING about Javascript/JSON programming. And every pre-existing script I found for Twitch was for earlier versions of their API that no longer worked, so. I ended up learning some of the basics, taking existing scripts and then Frankensteining the SHIT out of them with a billion tests until I had somethin' that worked. WOO! So yeah, pretty proud of that.

I've also got some new bits of art up in the Gallery! Some NSFW, some SFW! Yay! Still workin' to improve on my shading, and trying more than the ol' basic-bitch angles I've always stuck to in the past. Go take a peek if ya like! Also, my gal pal Myshu had a fancy YCH sale for October, and I snagged a couple 'cause. Obviously I did. I even FINALLY replaced my Under Construction graphic with one of 'em for the season! Go visit the Husbands' Page to see 'em!

But wait, that's not all!! I ALSO have two new chapters up for Ye Olde Fanfic! Chapters 12 and 13 are up and ready to be slobbered all over! We even got another SEX SCENE!! WHOOOOA. Be sure to visit the NSFW version of the page if ya wanna get in on that sweet action. Swing on by the Nothing Goes As Planned page to put yer peepers on it.

I think that's all! Yeah! So as always, thanks for comin' by. This place is finally comin' together, I'm really happy with what I've been able to do, and I look forward to continuing to share my work with all'a y'all. So until next time, you guys stay beautiful and I'll be in touch.


New chapters, couple arts, y'know how it do

10/4/19 14:04

Oh hey another update already whoa wtf goin' on here, Pony.

I dunnooooo been busy I guess. So chapters 10 and 11 are up for Nothing Ever Goes as Planned! Go check 'em out if ya like, lotsa fun new shit goin' on for Sammy and his new friend. One more chapter of his nonsense before we get back to the other fellas!

Aaaaaand we also got ourselves a couple new arts. There's a new piece in the NSFW section of the Gallery (woo that wolf-shark tho!) and also an adorable sketch that Myshu doodled on a request stream that I went ahead and colored because how could I not. I've also got a handful of pieces queued up to upload and add descriptions for in the Gallery, just haven't yet gotten around to it. They'll be up soon! Just a collection of arts from the last few months that I figured finally needed to get put out there!

Alrighty, then -- you folks have a lovely weekend and we'll see ya around!


We've got ref sheets, y'all!!

10/3/19 01:13

Good morning, everyone! I bet you're all going HIKO. HIKO WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN YOU HAVEN'T UPDATED IN OVER A MONTH. I know, my friends. I know. The struggle is real. But hey!! I've been having to travel for work, AAAAND I've had my hands full with all sortsa real-life-shit, and bouncing between projects, and putting a LOT OF TIME into one particular project whiiiiich I'm proud to present to y'all right here, right now.

THAT'S RIGHT the wait is over you can see ref sheets for all my characters RIGHT HERE. I know you're excited. You're pumped, you're jazzed. Or at least I am. I dunno. Not only did drawing all the ref sheets themselves take a hot minute, but I also spent several hours figuring out a really stupid but NIFTY programming feature for that page. Instead of a single NSFW switch on the side of the page...I gave y'all the option to choose exactly WHAT you want to flip to NSFW. BAM. Useless! But awesome!

Anywho, beyond that, I'm workin' on some more art. Got a whole bunch I've been promisin' to upload to the gallery, I know. I'm slow. I'll probably start by posting a few on my FA page, maybe a couple in Discord, and then provide links back here. To encourage traffic. YEAH. Also I need to go ahead and build a web ring banner down there at the bottom so I can forcibly attach myself to both Myshu's and Lady Vossler's websites. You're welcome.

Anyway, anyway. That's it for now. Enjoy checkin' out the ref sheets. Love y'all and talk to y'all hopefully sooner this time.


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