Small update?

9/12/19 15:58

Uhhhhhh yeah not much to report. Unfortunately work's been crazy for me lately! So I'm stuck not updating quite as often as I'd like. No real work gone on the site lately! But that's okay, art has been somewhat hummin' along.

So I've been doing refs for all my boys, or at least most of 'em. These refsheets were going kinda quick, but then slowed down when I had to start traveling for business. So I've still got a handful to finish up. I'd like to upload 'em all at once, so I'll wait a bit longer. But as soon as I have 'em all done, there'll be a rush!

I've also got some progress in the background on Nothing Ever Goes As Planned -- Chapter 11 ready to roll, and I've put some work into Chapter 12 as well. Updates will come as they do! Keep yer peepers popped for that shit.

Until then, y'all be good. See ya soon!


We've got a sex scene!!

8/26/19 15:48

Just a quick li'l update! I've added another chapter for Nothing Ever Goes As Planned...along with that adorable li'l NSFW toggle! Works the same way...if you're OF APPROPRIATE AGE (and also want to read some explicit shit), click on Hiko and his tent to check it out! You'll notice a new chapter is available to click font...eggplant icon...can only mean one thing!!

Try it out, see what ya think. ALSO you might have noticed the Disqus boxes on some pages now, too! I'm tryin' it out to see how it works...not that we got visitors comin' by in bunches. BUT feel free to test 'em out, too. I haven't yet figured out how I wanna do comments for the art's not currently suited for really having individual pages for each picture. So I might just end up doin' a SFW and NSFW image gallery comment section.

Alright! Take care and enjoy the week, y'all! Talk to ya soon!


We've got an art gallery!!

8/21/19 13:45

How are you, gentlemen??! All your gallery are belong to us.

Yup, you'll notice a new link up to the left, headin' off to Lone's section! He's the keeper of the art! Ain't much posted up there yet, but we'll add more as we get it organized and moved to a central location from all the various places I've got it kept. We're probably only gonna be uploading relatively new art, since most of our older shit can be found on FA if you really wanna see it. Ain't done a whole shitload of drawin' since those days, but we're startin' to get back into it!

Along with the excitement of having a gallery comes the excitement of having a switch to toggle safe for work and not safe for work content! WHOA! I went pretty simple on the programming for it, and I'd like to add a splash page that warns about adult content when you flip the toggle. But I'd also like to avoid that poppin' up every gat-damn time someone hits the NSFW page. We'll see what comes up!! I'll be doing some similar programming on the pages for the individual stories when I start including adult writing content. Seems like it'll work simply enough! More details on that as I expand it.

One final thing you may notice on Lone's page is that I've also thrown together a quick page to acknowledge the art that's posted which I didn't draw myself! Anything you see on here that isn't my art was done by either Myshu or Lady Vossler, two amazing friends with even more amazing art! Now you'll know why some of the random images you see on this page look better than my normal doodles!

Y'all take care, and we'll be in touch as we add more! Thanks!!


Some more progress, and things to come

8/11/19 12:36

Hi, there, folks! Got another update for ya. As you may notice to the left, the nav bar's been updated and Mahihko's Corner is now up! I'll be hosting my writing and gallery there (though I may end up moving the gallery to another path, just for the sheer purpose of organizing more goodly), along with the fun little Diary of HikoWolf thing I been doin' in my free time with the tales from a friend's Pathfinder sessions.

For the time being, the only writing I have up is my fanfic based on the universe of a friend's fanwork, which is itself based on the concept of another fanwork. Myshu's comic is a furry twist on the Red vs. Blue series some of you may be familiar with from Rooster Teeth. I was inspired when I read her comic and decided it wouldn't really be complete until some of my characters invaded her world! Thus we are given Nothing Ever Goes As Planned, the fanfic no one asked for and even less folks are reading. Poor Shu's stuck reading it 'cause she's a good friend (and is also hosting it on her site). So far I only have two chapters up here as a test, since I wanted to work out a decent way of navigating the stories. I think I like it so far! It's half-decent on mobile, too, but I'll be the first to admit -- this is a personal project I'm working on in my free time, and I ain't no pro web designer, so short of making sure shit's navigable with an Android and an iPhone...I ain't gonna promise much more than that.

My next and hopefully last big project is going to be figuring out how to set up a gallery! And tied in with that will be a nifty NSFW/SFW switch. I think I'm gonna go basic-bitch with that piece, just have a straight up link that you click to go between the pages. But y'know, might still look for ways to doll it up or make it cute. Whatever suits my mood. The gallery will be more work than setting up navigation for the literature page, since I'm probably gonna dig up some ol' CGI script or PHP nonsense to make that work. We'll see. I ain't got no idea how to use neither, so ay! Learning experience for all.

Otherwise, I'll just be slowly working on adding more chapters of my current fic, and maybe posting a few other works on here that I've put work into, but either haven't found a good home for, or just feel like self-hosting. Keep your eyes peeled!

Take care, y'all, and I'll see ya soon.


A proper update this time

7/30/19 14:05

Alrighty, less ridiculous this time. But still equally ridiculous because of how much goddamn time I have spent on this project.'s almost just about complete and ready for production. I mean I guess technically it's already IN production. Y'know. Seeing as it'

Curious what the hell I mean?

So I've been paying for hosting of this site for...almost ten years now. What have I done with it? Pretty much just about DICK ALL. Seriously. I played around with setting up a gallery several years back, had some of Zer's older writing posted on here...but neither of us were really USING it. So...time for change, right?

Right. Well, that change entailed, first of all, canceling my hosting service. THAT was pretty fun. Actually rather straightforward. Ask to cancel, wait a few days, bang, done. No biggie. I kept the domain registration and the privacy for it 'cause that ain't more'n 30 bucks a year or so...and I'm maybe a little tied to it for sentimental reasons at this point. Whatever. I decided to load up another 30ish bucks a year for dynamic DNS registration (check FreeDNS out if y'all ever got some needs for a dynamic address...I've been using their free services for a long time before now, and decided to become premium because I was so pleased with them! FreeDNS can hook you up. The free shit works like a charm, and upgrading to premium gives you a bunch more fancy options if you ever wanna self-host.)

So anyway, the first step of the journey was WHAT MACHINE WILL I USE. I have a couple old PCs lying around. Decided to go with the HP EliteBook. It's an older model, kinda heavy and chunky. Probably not quite as energy-efficient or practical as I need...but figured it would do for now. Lordy, this was a process all its own, though. Started with a VM to get myself familiar with Debian (the OS I chose to go with...highly recommend for semi-beginners to Linux as long as you have a few good guides bookmarked) and did a SHITload of programming. Set up the web server with Apache, got git working to make it so I could automatically push updates to the website 'n have 'em push to, it was sexy as hell!

But guess what wasn't sexy as hell? Porting it to a real hard drive to get loaded up in the hardware. WOOF.

I repeat, W O O F. That shit was a BEAR. There are several guides for converting from virtual hard drive to physical device, don't get me wrong. I followed them ALL. The problem was that the virtual hard drive I used to build Debian on was pre-allocated at exactly 500GB. Oh no big deal bro, the hard drive I'm putting it on is 500GB as well. Except RIP RIP RIP, the pre-allocated size was EXACTLY 500GB, which meant the physical drive that said it had 500GB actually only had about 486GB usable. And guess what. Even if you're only using like 15GB total (WHICH I WAS)'s damn near impossible to write the virtual hard drive to the physical one. I tried, though, lawdy did I try. I spent probably three days wasting time trying to get it to convert and finally threw my hands up, said FUCK IT and rebuilt it from scratch.

Which. Only took like. Forty minutes. Ugh. Except I fucked it up like three times so. I reinstalled it like FOUR TIMES from scratch but finally got it working. Got my DNS working, got Apache happy, got git working to live-push any updates. Sweet!! That's awesome! Oh wait!! I have an email account with my old hosting provider that I use for like a LOT OF SHIT. WELLLLP.

Yeah. So the last two+ days have been spent on THAT. I probably installed, uninstalled, reinstalled Postfix and Dovecot about. 6 times. Not really exaggerating. But fuck if I wasn't determined. Long story short, finally got it happy and working, complete with being able to check from my phone. Haven't gotten it working on my actual-with-service iPhone, but eh. Baby steps.

SO, Pony, WHAT'S NEXT. I dunno, I'll. Start building shit, I guess??? I got some scripts for galleries to try out. Wanna set up another writing section, too. We got options, people!! Or at least goals. We'll see how they go.

Yeah! So...keep an eye on the place, I guess. I'll probably start with straightening out this index page a little, setting up some basics...404s, 403s, etc., etc. Got my work cut out for me...but I'm excited for the new project, and the new adventure. Thanks for comin' by, see ya soon!!


Holy fuck, y'all!!!

7/25/19 13:41

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~Mahihko's giant dick