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...Remember when it was just two months?

7/23/2020 23:26>

Yeah how about like almost SIX MONTHS?!?! Ah shit. Life's been busy. Plus the whole. Corona thing, country falling apart, etc., etc. Shit gets old, eh? Anyway, I'm here! With an update! Lots of update, actually. Got a couple new chapters for Nothing Ever Goes as Planned, sexy as always. Got a BUNCHA new art in the gallery, too. Oddly most of it without dicks, go figger.

Also I had to get rid of my Twitch status. They changed the requirements for their API authentication because they hate fake programmers like me. So. Yeah, I can't figure out how to use the new system with my basic bitch JSON programming, and I sure as tits am not gonna figure out how to write a whole damn API so uh. Yeah. Woo. Ah well. If y'all ever wanna come by, we play every Sunday night around 6CST! Right here on Twitch!

Anywho, things are truckin' forward, life continues to be busy...and if you're wantin' some good entertainment to enjoy, be sure to check out the latest chapters on Shu's latest comic pages. There's good shit in there!!


Hey it was almost two months

3/2/2020 19:28

Well hey there, sports fans!! Update time! We've got some new things all over the place! In the Husbands' Gallery, got some new arts. I don't have any normal art to show off, myself, but there is a saucy little trip between Mahihko and one of the chupaboys from the fic if you head over to the Gallery and flip that NSFW switch once ya get inside.

There is SOME art that I've worked on recently that doesn't have dicks, but I don't have a landing page prepared for it yet. It's for DIFFERENT PROJECT (yeah I know I have too many of those). The fic will eventually find itself on the site...for now, it's currently got a couple chapters over on my AO3 a nutshell, it's a story using a couple new OCs LV and I came up with, and it takes place in a vaguely Final-Fantasy-esque world. More to come on that later!!

And last but not least, we got Chapter 14 available for Nothing Ever Goes as Planned, should ya like to check it out! Hiko gets dirty with Donut, and Lone has an awkward car ride. If ya click on the NSFW flag, you'll get juicy, juicy details on that Donut/Hiko action! Check it out!!


Only been two months...!

1/4/2020 16:05

Happy New Year, y'all!! Sorry I ain't had many updates lately. Been busy with real life shit (and also a long, long runnin' art project that involves PORN! Well, I mean...the whole thing is porn, so it "involves" it the same way the sun "involves" heat. That should be ready next update, at least!! We do got a few new pieces of art from both me and the some that's by both! (Also one SUPER SAUCY PORN by Myshu that I stuck in my NSFW gallery to avoid havin' to program the entire husband page for +18 content, hahaha). Be sure to check those out!

I've been streaming games fairly regularly now, too! Sunday nights, usually around 7PM CST. We just wrapped up Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis...changin' gears and going with NieR, next! The first one, not Automata, for those wondering. Not much else to report, though! Writing has been on hold a little while I work on my big project, but I'll update when I get another chapter hot 'n ready for y'all. Until then, I hope you all have a great start to the year. See ya 'round!


Oh shit this is a pretty big update

10/28/19 22:16

Alright it's been a hot minute since I updated publically. But hey, it's for good reason! Sorta. I had a shitload of real-life get in the way, for starters. And I also decided to try and make my updates a bit more spaced out...mostly because I built this web server with a Git repository. Which means every time I push an update, it compounds that bitch and eats a little more physical hard drive space. So to try and limit that, I decided I'd work on updates using separate branches, and then when it feels like a good moment to go live with it, bring it in to the live environment!!

"But Pony, I don't know anything about Git repositories, what does that mean???"

Oh. Good point. Don't worry about it, in that case!! All you need to know is that this update has a looot of goodies in it. We'll start with what you see on the left! So, I probably spent...I dunno, a total of nine, ten hours learning SUPER BASIC JSON programming so I could write a couple of basic scripts for my Twitch and Picarto sites that would change the image and show the name of the stream when I go online. BOY that took a long time to learn! Partially, I admit, because I knew VIRTUALLY NOTHING about Javascript/JSON programming. And every pre-existing script I found for Twitch was for earlier versions of their API that no longer worked, so. I ended up learning some of the basics, taking existing scripts and then Frankensteining the SHIT out of them with a billion tests until I had somethin' that worked. WOO! So yeah, pretty proud of that.

I've also got some new bits of art up in the Gallery! Some NSFW, some SFW! Yay! Still workin' to improve on my shading, and trying more than the ol' basic-bitch angles I've always stuck to in the past. Go take a peek if ya like! Also, my gal pal Myshu had a fancy YCH sale for October, and I snagged a couple 'cause. Obviously I did. I even FINALLY replaced my Under Construction graphic with one of 'em for the season! Go visit the Husbands' Page to see 'em!

But wait, that's not all!! I ALSO have two new chapters up for Ye Olde Fanfic! Chapters 12 and 13 are up and ready to be slobbered all over! We even got another SEX SCENE!! WHOOOOA. Be sure to visit the NSFW version of the page if ya wanna get in on that sweet action. Swing on by the Nothing Goes As Planned page to put yer peepers on it.

I think that's all! Yeah! So as always, thanks for comin' by. This place is finally comin' together, I'm really happy with what I've been able to do, and I look forward to continuing to share my work with all'a y'all. So until next time, you guys stay beautiful and I'll be in touch.


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