Myshu's pieces LV's pieces

Mahihko and Bill



Mahihko (tenting ayyy get it)

Graceful Melody (deer)

A lovely commission of Hiko and Di about to get steamy

Graceful Melody (pony)

The World's Greatest Censor Bar

Mahihko with sword

Samael as a bab

Yancy in a relatively sane moment

A sketch by Shu that I went back through and colored. CUTE BOYS AMIRITE

Shu was doin' a handful of YCH commissions for Halloween. Snagged this one of Sammy, pretending he's the same species as his boyfriend.

...and this one of Mahihko making what is probably an extremely illicit potion he's going to use for all the worst reasons.

Mahihko riding his trusty mount into battle. Or somethin' like that.

A sweet-ass animation I snagged when Shu was commissioning!