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Ref Sheets Sweet, sweet stats

Mahihko (back to top)
  • Name: Mahihko Valliere (Hiko)
  • Origin: Buttfuck, Louisiana, Normal But Furry Earth
  • Species: Arctic wolf (except gayer)
  • Height: 5'0" (makes up for it with attitude?)
  • Build: Slender/feminine overall. Legs are strong. He is very flexible in all the ways. He is toned mostly due to his regular physical activity, but does not have much visible musculature.
  • Clothing: The less the better. Jeans will be tight, and often cut-off. He often starts an adventure with a full outfit, but often ends without much more than pants. Usually has a supply/weapon pack or two strapped to him somewhere.
  • Personality: Bipolar at best. Very energetic and outgoing for the most part, always looking to make new friends. It takes considerable effort to make him lose his cool, but when he is upset, he tends to become extremely upset. He fights very fiercely for what he believes, and once he comes to see someone as a friend, he will be extremely empathetic toward them. He can seem nihilistic regarding those he does not know, however.
  • Brief summary: A wealth of Southern drawl, fancy cookin' and a general disregard for rules, social norms and most clothing, Mahihko is the epitome of a free spirit. He is a fan of rebellions, protests, anarchical parties and shindigs in general. His filter is virtually non-existent, and he speaks his mind without hesitation.

    He favors compact pistols, all varieties of non-lethal-but-painful weapons and a general improvisation of the "other" category. He's damn handy at crafting molotov cocktails in a pinch, too. He also took a few years of sword lessons, for...reasons? Surely that won't come up on Sirca, though.

    His tattoos and piercings have come through the years -- some have meaning, like the broken-arm swastikas (which are burned in, rather than dyed). They represent his intense opposition to what they were misused to represent a few decades ago. However, others (like the lightning bolt tattoos arching across his legs) are simply for decoration/awe-factor. He loves the idea of representing yourself in whatever fashion you feel like, and uses his own body to express the way he wishes the rest of the world behaved.
  • Sexual details: His dick is white, yo. And also curved. Kinda like a banana? The black wreath of fire you see is in fact a tattoo, yes. Yes, it hurt a lot to get. But he's damn proud of it. He's incredibly gay -- girls don't scare him, but he has zero interest in them, sexually.

    Considering his size, he does often find himself on the bottom -- and comfortably so -- but he definitely falls under the 'power bottom' category. He loves taking charge even in a submission position, and as much as he loves receiving, he won't hesitate to take a more dominant position if the situation calls for it. He also isn't necessarily demisexual, but does enjoy sharing sexual activities with anyone he deems a friend, and has zero compulsions about how that might seem to anyone else. Relationships to him are strange things, and it would take a particularly special soul to capture him as any sort of honest 'boyfriend'...

  • Lone (back to top)
  • Name: Lone Christie
  • Origin: Silver City, New Mexico, Normal But Furry Earth
  • Species: Arctic wolf (why the fuck you from New Mexico)
  • Height: 6'6" (barely tall on Sirca, don't get cocky, son)
  • Build: Somewhat muscular, built for endurance and althetic adventure (he spends a lot of time hopping around on cliffs and running through forests and shit)
  • Clothing: Usually practical. Jeans and a plain shirt. Often decked out with shoulder holsters and side packs.
  • Personality: Generally calm, with a touch of overreaction to things that he doesn't anticipate. It's safe to say he has a touch of OCD. He is very driven when he decides to do something, sometimes to the point of ignoring his own safety or seeing something outside the box that should probably be obvious. Naturally drawn to adventure/danger.
  • Brief summary: From a young age, Lone wanted more from life. He spent most of his school years buried in travel guides and books exploring distant lands. It didn't take long for him to decide that he wanted to get out and see the world. He didn't quite intend to become an explorer/adventurer/tomb-raider...but there it was. He now seeks out the mysteries of the world and does his part to uncover the truth where he can...although he never expected it would draw him into as much trouble as it often does. This includes both dealing with Mahihko (who he has known for around ten years, occasionally as an intentional partner, usually as a goddamn thief) but also the more bullet-riddled side of adventuring.

    He used a gun for the first time when he was 19, and quickly grew extremely adept in their use. He almost always has a pair of pistols on him when he is out and about, but is comfortable using a variety of other firearms. The skill developed somewhat from necessity when he'd find himself up against mercenaries or private armies in the field.

    While Lone's main pursuits are the exploration, archival and occasional retrieval of lost civilizations, artifacts and generally-thought-to-be-missing-goodies, he has a penchant for involving himself with the struggles or conflicts that sometimes surround the locales he visits or the objects he seeks. He has an extremely soft spot for the underdog in general, and has spilled more than his fair share of blood fighting alongside villagers seeking to defend themselves, rebels attempting a coup or simply those folks who found themselves on the receiving end of an oppressive military action.
  • Sexual details: Despite having spent nearly ten years working on and off again with Mahihko, Lone is not nearly as sexually promiscuous or engaging as the smaller wolf. He is rather shy in this area, though is very much so a fan of it all the same. It just requires much more coaxing and usually a bit more friendly interaction. Also his dick isn't covered in piercings, which sometimes makes it easier for him to avoid scaring away some companions.

    He is like Mahihko in that he only has a physical attraction for males. He is decidedly more submissive despite his size and build, though in being a good listener, he can also be told to take a dominant position. It doesn't mean he'll be very good at acting dominant, but his dick is pretty dang big and he knows how to shove it into stuff. So there's that. Also don't tell anyone, but rumor has it that he's totally into a bit of bondage. Kinda goes with liking the submissive role. (Lone's a bitch)

  • Grace (Pony) (back to top)
  • Name: Graceful Melody
  • Origin: Brooklyn, New York, Semi-Normal-But-In-The-50s-and-Also-Mostly-Just-Equines-Earth
  • Species: Pegasus (wings are able to glide a bit, otherwise vestigial). His breed, aside from the wings, is a mixture of Arabian and Pony of the Americas
  • Height: 4'11" (best not to misjudge him)
  • Build: Something between slender and dried, stretched leather. He could probably stand to gain a few pounds.
  • Clothing: Plain button up shorts, pants, often sports an overcoat/duster. He is a private detective from a world set during the 1950s, his clothing tends to match this.
  • Personality: Volatile. Graceful Melody spends a lot of time being grumpy, angry, upset or some mixture of the three. Life has dealt him multiple blows, and he refuses to simply lay down and die, so he makes up for it by taking an extremely hard-nosed approach to life. He does have a heart, however, buried somewhere past his gruff exterior, and will take a bullet for those few individuals he cares about without hesitation, even as he continues to insult and berate them.
  • Brief summary: The world from which Graceful Melody and Riffraff originate is comparable to 'normal Earth', although their particular corner of the world is populated mostly by equines. This includes both pegasi and unicorns -- however, for the most part, wings are vestigal and horns mostly for decoration -- but not always. There are more regular supernatural events and accepted oddities in this world, and many of its inhabitants possess traits or 'powers' that are perfectly commonplace for them, while coming across as baffling to those not from their world.

    That being said, Graceful Melody's 'power' revolves around his ability to perceive the supernatural and occasionally manipulate its forces. He witnessed the murder-suicide of his parents as a young child, and upon being visited by a curious angel and a curious demon, he shocked them both when he reached out and clung to them for support, despite the fact they normally are not visible to the eyes of mortals. This led this upbringing between the two, which in turn taught him a great deal about that which lies beyond the generally accepted reality around him. He choose to become a police officer, and thought he'd found his calling. That was, until his partner and mentor betrayed him and nearly killed him.

    After surviving the ambush, killing his partner and his associates, and being dishonorably discharged from the force, he struck out instead as a private detective. He and Amdusias work together to apply their unique talents to solving cases that have a whiff of the supernatural to them. His personality shifted from the bright-eyed, positive outlook to a much more negative and distrustful air. Trust especially is difficult for him to grant, with only Amdusias and Riffraff falling into that category. During this time he also pickd up smoking as a habit, and now partakes rather excessively.

    His standard weapon is a somewhat modified M1911. It is large for his size, but he wields it easily and prefers the punch over the lack of recoil. He often packs a Walther PPK as a backup, along with an Ithaca Model A shotgun (remodeled for twelve-gauge). He also usually keeps a Thompson M1928A1 somewhere within quick access. He does not tend to leave his targets alive.

    The tattoo across his collarbone serves as a rather blunt reminder of how he sees himself -- a general reckoning for those who have it coming. The tattoo on his forearms, on the other hand, is more practical. The Seal of the Red King is a protective alchemic symbol that he uses both as a defense against supernatural incursion, as well as attenuating his innate abilities to a more honed state when the situation calls for it.
  • Sexual details: Graceful Melody is a bit of a conundrum. He has considerable sexual drive, but his lack of empathy and cold nature make it difficult for him to hold down regular relationships. Before Riffraff, his on-again, off-again boyfriend provided him with plenty of sex, but Graceful eventually drove him away, which naturally made him even more vindictive toward other potential partners.

    That being said, Graceful and his studded dick trend toward the aggressive and dominant side. He doesn't mind being taken in a submissive role, but 'power-bottom' doesn't quite describe him as much as "if you don't fuck me right, I'm going to make you wish you didn't fuck me at all". He doesn't flirt as much as he simply eyes what he wants, states that he wants it, and then takes it if the response is positive. Sex isn't important to him in the same way it is for, say, Mahihko, yet it still works itself into his life regularly as - ironically - one of the safer outlets for his bottled fury.

  • Riffraff (back to top)
  • Name: Riffraff (yes that's it)
  • Origin: Wahoo, Nebraska, Semi-Normal-But-In-The-50s-and-Also-Mostly-Just-Equines-Earth
  • Species: Pegasus (his wings are even more vestigial than Graceful's, also other than the wings he is a WESTPHALIAN horse)
  • Height: 7'1" (call him a tall drink of water, he's never heard that before)
  • Build: Beefcake. He is the epitome of the phrase "boy they sure do grow them big out there".
  • Clothing: Considering his job as a croupier (or card dealer) at a few upscale casinos, Riffraff usually sports a pair of dress pants, button up shirt and occasionally a vest/waistcoat and tie/bowtie. When he is not decked out in his casino garb, he's comfortable in whatever fits his large frame.
  • Personality: Riffraff is a gentle soul, which luckily serves to offset his irrationally angry companion (sometimes). Part of it is simply his nature -- he grew up in the Midwest and was taught to be kind to anyone and everyone. Part of it is also due to his job -- polite dealers tend to make better tips than cocky or snarky ones. His unique 'ability' has also caused him to develop a rather hopeful outlook on life.
  • Brief summary: Riffraff was raised in the sprawling fields of Nebraska, which was about as boring as you might imagine. Especially in the 1930s. He discovered his natural 'power' at a young age, when he and his friends were playing in a field. A sudden thunderstorm rolled in and they took cover beneath a tree -- at one point, lightning struck the tree and caused branches to fall upon all his friends, while leaving him completely unscathed. His luck-based ability has the rather dangerous caveat that it is specifically for him and him alone. On occasion his companions may benefit from it but he's learned the hard way that it is certainly not guaranteed, and often means those around him may be put into danger in exchange for his own safety.

    This ability was how he met Amdusias and Graceful -- he was running from an angry mobster who had ordered him to cheat for his players in a casino, but Riff's luck prevented him from losing. He ran out and was promptly hit by Graceful's car. Basically unharmed, he joined up with them at that point and ended up falling in with the duo as a regular presence for their cases after that point. He still does his job when he can, but after falling out with the mob members, it was considerably harder to find places he could deal cards without risking a gunfight.

    Riffraff is not necessarily a pacifist, per se, but he does try to avoid violence. Mostly because he's learned that if he is in harm's way, then those in his immediate vicinity are in harm's way. But he inevitably finds himself in fights of many different varieties during his travels with Amdusias and Graceful Melody. He tries to stay out of the way when possible, but if he has a gun or explosive or some other weapon shoved into his hands, he simply allows his instincts to take control. It usually works out. Usually.

    Because of his impressive physical stature, Riffraff is used to people assuming he has talents and experience in other areas. Combined with his pink mane and tail, he regularly finds himself being misjudged and along with his pacifist nature, it is not uncommon for people to assume a lot about him. And while he is a very quiet person by nature, he is also extremely soulful and has a compassion for life and for the well-being of his companions. Even if he doesn't particular crave the situations he knows he'll get into with Grace and Amdusias, he'll still follow them to the ends of the earth.
  • Sexual details: So he's got a big ol' horse-dick. Let's just get that out of the way. And he's just over seven feet tall. He's a big dude and everything about him screams DOMINANT EQUINE LOVER but...yeah, you guessed it. He's a little bitch, too. A giant little bitch. Part of the problem is that his size + his personality means he is always hesitant about potentially harming a partner. So he very quickly submits in most sexual encounters. Graceful Melody, as always, is an exception to the rule. He has little problem taking Riffraff, and occasionally manages to encourage the big red/pink horse to get into things a bit more often, if only to give himself more of a release. Sex is not overly important to him, however, and it is rare for him to go out hunting for it. He's often content to simply wait for Graceful to grunt unintelligly at him and then provide whatever the little angry pony requires.

  • Amdusias (back to top)
  • Name: Amdusias
  • Origin: Heaven, I guess? And then technically Hell?
  • Species: Fallen-angel-turned-demon (last he checked he was a Duke of Hell, within the realm of Sloth)
  • Height: 8'2"
  • Build: Considerably muscular -- having scales helps emphasize this even more so than Riffraff. The fact he is so powerfully built confuses a lot of folks who find out he is of the Sloth division of Hell.
  • Clothing: He's a demon. He doesn't wear clothes. Or at least he didn't used to, but now that he regularly makes himself visible to mortals...he has taken to wearing immaculate three-piece suits, often with pinstripes. Which. Get immediately torn up by the multiple bone spikes that jut from his back and tail. He often masqueraded as a dragon back on the planet he roamed alongside Graceful Melody, as dragons were not creatures of myth, but were indeed a regular species among the equine (and other) races that populated the world. Even though he can completely mask any of his 'sensitive' areas, he still prefers wearing some kind of clothing while walking about in plain sight.
  • Personality: Amdusias is first and foremost an extremely grumpy creature. He was grumpy when he was an angel, and he became more grumpy when he fell and transformed into a demon. That is simply the nature of who he is and what he will always be. However, for all of his scowling and grumbling, the supernatural creature holds a great deal of sensitivity close to his chest. He is of the Sloth alignment, which doesn't quite translate simply to 'laziness' as much as it does creativity and lackadaisical tendencies. He does have a bit of a superiority complex, often speaking down to others and sometimes without even meaning to. He also doesn't use contractions. He usually speaks with an elevated class of speech, and tries to avoid using mortal terminology when possible.
  • Brief summary: Amdusias's history is nearly as complex and difficult as Graceful Melody's. He was the angel that clashed with a demon when Graceful was left with two freshly-killed parents at a young age. He eventually set his differences aside and agreed to work with the demon to raise the young foal with a mixture of lessons from both Heaven and Hell; this was, of course, even more important to them both when they realized the power Graceful Melody harnessed over the supernatural.

    Unfortunately, Heaven did not look so kindly on this situation when Amdusias's higher-ups found out about the arrangement. He is bitter to this day that it was not one of the demon's lackeys that turned them in, but rather one of his own angelic lieutenants that reported the orphaned child and the compromise between angel and demon to raise it. Amdusias was cast out of Heaven, his wings removed as he was thrown down into the pits of Hell. There he spent what was to him several centuries transforming into a demon and then steadily working his way up the ranks until he was eventually a Duke of a small parcel within the Circle of Sloth. And what was for him nearly a thousand years was ten years or so on the mortal plane...which was still more than enough for Graceful Melody to think that one of his two foster parents had simply abandoned him. It was part of the reason he joined the police force, and certainly contributed to the eventual seething anger that constantly bubbles beneath the pony's surface.

    Amdusias himself found his personality somewhat changed -- while he still held himself as far above any mortal, he was inevitably drawn to them. Much as he was drawn to Graceful Melody after his tragedy, he felt a greater pull toward the mortal realm in general and, once he had his fiery reuniting with Graceful, the two joined up and became partners in the private investigation business. Amdusias passed as a foreign dragon for the most part, and of course his true identity as both a fallen angel and a powerful demon made for an invaluable contribution to the fact they often took up cases tinged with supernatural elements.

    Above all else, Amdusias has a great passion for music, especially blues and jazz. Even as an angel, he would spend hours on end playing his divine instrument...which was not, in fact, his dick, and was instead a silver saxophone. When he fell from the High Kingdom and found himself in the Frozen Pits, his saxophone became less an instrument of pleasure and more of a true tool. He still uses it to play music, of course, but it also serves to help him channel his power, exert his influence over others and provide a way to meditate and regain his energy more efficiently. Music is extremely important to him and -- other than his thicker-than-blood ties to Graceful -- counts as the most sacred thing in his life. Insulting music in front of him is a great way to be on the receiving end of a demonic beat-down.

    On that note, despite his massive size, bulging musculature and bundles of imposing, sharp bone spikes...Amdusias is not actually that much of a fighter. His power is immense, but it is also limited. He cannot exert influence over any mortal and only easily manipulates those who are weak in mind or spirit. His physical strength is indeed impressive, but barely past the realm of supernatural. His telekinetic abilities and focused energy (visible as an amber glow) are likely his most powerful weapons, but they are defensive at best. When working at the agency with Graceful, his tools of the trade are a semiautomatic handgun and a drum-loaded machine gun, which he is able to wield without the aid of a mount or bipod. The reason he uses mortal weapons at all is because it's sometimes difficult to use his demonic abilities in public without raising eyebrows. Or attracting the wrong sort of attention from up high.
  • Sexual details: Not all that much to say. His testicles are internal, that's pretty cool. Even if completely naked, he has no problem hiding his genitals, along with the slit within which his dick hides. Of the entire gang, he is by far the closest to being asexual. He rarely has any sort of desire for sexual congress, and when he does, it is rarely with a stranger. His emotions are stronger than those of a mortal, but because of his Sloth nature, lust rarely plays a leading role. But it is also not uncommon for him to develop sexual urges if he happens to be feeling particularly close to Graceful or Riffraff when they themselves are having amorous thoughts.

    If he is drawn into sexual escapades, he likes to think he is a top. And usually he does okay with it, thanks to his cockiness (heh) and the fact he is indeed large in all ways. But it also does not take too much to bring him down to size, and on more than one occasion, he has been on the receiving end of Graceful's penetrative services. You just gotta know how to convince him.

  • Samael (back to top)
  • Name: Samael Wurlitz (Sammy) (Pony)
  • Origin: Sampi region on Sirca
  • Species: Fi'la chupadore, likely of lupus blood with a possible mix of lutris.
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Build: A stocky boi. Samael is short for a fi'la, especially one with lupus strains, which can likely be attributed to the harsh climate of Sampi. He is considerably muscular beneath his thick hide, however, and can push his weight around despite his shorter stature.
  • Clothing: Kinda depends. If he's undercover, he'll be in the hopefully-near-appropriate armor or outfit befitting the role he has assumed. If he is off-duty or 'working from home', as it were, he's comfortable in anything that doesn't restrain him or cover up too much. He isn't shy about showing off his body.
  • Personality: Lovable asshole? Silver-tongued deviant? Samael is difficult to pin down to a single set of emotions. He is overall rather upbeat and energetic considering the state of the world in which he lives, and the fact he rebels against the status quo that surrounds all aspects of Sircan life. He does have moments of more serious disposition as the situation calls for it, or when he reminisces on less-pleasant memories. He is not shy about voicing his opinion on anything (or anyone), regardless of who he is talking to. However, his natural social skills and ability to blend in make it so that he can blend in with groups that might be entirely against what he believes in and fights for. Whether or not he can do it without getting into trouble is a different matter entirely. He is also a rather amorous creature. Don't be surprised if you find him wooing you within a few hours (minutes) of meeting you. Oh right and he's got a drawl, too. Think of Sampi like the West Virginia of Sirca. ...maybe just the regular Virginia.
  • Brief summary: Samael was born and raised in the harsh wilds of Sampi, far from the majority of the conflicts brought on by the current Holy War. He was raised in a clan that behaved more as a collective than individual families -- while he had actual 'parents', he and the other children his age were brought up together with most of the adults contributing to educate, train and prepare the pups for a life of their own. His tribe has a tradition whereupon a young chupadore who reaches the age of maturity may choose to embark on a three-day journey, alone, to find their true purpose. Most who undergo the trial return to the pack and take up a particular role for which they feel suited. It is rare to leave the pack, and even more rare to involve themselves with the affairs of Sirca proper.

    Naturally, that was exactly what Samael decided to do. On his third day, he met a recruiter for one of the cells of resistance, seeking to gain willing volunteers to fight back against the Holy War. This Movement operative would be Samael's first real romantic experience, and also provide him with several weeks of training and inspiration for the cause. When his new mentor felt the small group of fifteen or so was ready to head back to their base of operations, they had the misfortune of crossing a H.A.D.E.S. team in training. The entire group was slaughtered, and Samael's mentor gave his life to protect the young rebel, who was left on his own to barely escape with his life and make his way to the Movement headquarters.

    The loss of the recruiting commander was a massive blow to this branch of the Movement, but Samael quickly proved his worth and soon become an invaluable asset. His natural affinity for bonding with all types of personalities -- and the fact he could force his emotions into check considerably longer than most of his cohorts when faced with the blunt words of those blind to the Holy War's cause -- meant he rapidly moved up the ranks and became specialized in infiltration, information gathering and sabotage. It didn't take long for him to build a reputation as an effective -- albeit painfully emotional -- operative. His missions were usually great successes, but he often left either a trail of angry, broken hearts or brought back love-sick sympathizers that he convinced his handler would find a place somewhere in the Movement...even when he wasn't asked to do any recruiting.

    Samael also found himself involved with the various tribes of bats that lived deep under the surface of the ring-world, gaining their trust as a true believer in resistance, and someone who wholly bucked the belief system that the House of Omega all but forced down the throats of Sirca's populace. He grew especially fond of one bat in particular, whose famed 'connections' were warily regarded as rather valuable by all branches of the Movement. And on that note, Samael's branch is run by outcasts, volunteers and bitter victims of Sirca's war...not the one led by a group of Freelancers. Samael has worked with the other major Movement group on occasion, but doesn't quite understand how they can balance their status as mercenaries of the war while also trying to fight against it. He understands the benefits, but is too passionate in his own beliefs to fall into their line.

    The piercings to his jaw were his choice of marking after completing his trial (and announcing to his clan his intention to depart for the rebellion). The odd bar-and-ring on his tail and the three tattoos all came during his time with the Movement. The tattoos are all the 'old' style, having been burned into his hide and flesh with thin, searing knives. He does occasionally have to trim the fur to make them more visible, but also is forced to cover the two more obvious symbols of resistance when he is undercover. He usually removes his piercings to avoid any potential questions, but is quick to return them into their places when he has finished a mission. The same goes for his claws and tail-tuft -- he paints them whatever bright, obnoxious color he feels...but makes half-hearted efforts to return them to their natural colors when a mission calls for it.

    Samael has a customized variant of the standard Army Magnum pistol, and is adept with long-range weaponry as well. He tries to use non-lethal rounds when possible, since as he puts it, he isn't in the business of killing innocent chupadores being forced to fight in this useless war.

    'Sammy' is his most common moniker, but a few of his cohorts refer to him as 'Pony', a nickname that stuck from the first few weeks of his proper induction into the Movement. As one of his leaders noted with a scowl: "When you're around, everyone seems to get a ride." Not one to disagree with such a sentiment, he accepts the randomly-utilized call-sign with gusto.
  • Sexual details: OH BOY. I mean let's face it, he and Mahihko are just distant twins, separated at birth and dropped in different dimensions. They even have almost the same tattoo. Samael is not quite as much of a power-bottom as he is simply a 'switch', however. He is content on top, he is content on bottom. He encourages his partners but prefers to use smooth words and soft affections to drive them forward, rather than Mahihko's more direct approach. Both seem effective, at least. Samael's fantastically-teal dick does have two piercings, although they aren't as painful as the reference picture might make them seem. The red mineral and the metal holding it in place have both been smoothed considerably -- they feel more like ridges than any kind of hard, grinding surface. Sammy ain't out to hurt his bed-partners, after all.

    Because of his size, one might assume his 'type' are males that are larger than him...but that isn't a hard, fast rule. Samael appreciates all dicks and doesn't really discriminate. Also his boyfriend is a bat that literally comes up to his mid-section. They have to use a stepladder to fuck on any surface higher than a mattress on the ground. He don't give a fuck. He just wants to fuck.

  • Diamond and Andee (back to top)
  • Names: Diamond Ardon and Andee
  • Origins: Omegrad and the caves of Sirca, respectively
  • Species: Fi'la chupadore for Diamond, and Andee is...a bat. A bat-thing. Yep.
  • Heights: Di is 6'4" and Dee is...like fuckin'...3'10". But he's fuckin' awesome, okay?
  • Builds: They are slender bois. Neither one is really buffscular. They don't need to be. Diamond is gorgeous and fabulous, and Andee is a wily, loud-mouthed fucker. They get by.
  • Clothing: Anything lovely for Di. He can sport just about anything from suits to jeans to dress shirts to tank tops to dresses, you name it. He can make his own clothing, too, so really, sky's the limit. Andee is a bit more predictable -- he almost always has his signature cap, oversized collar and his half-poncho-thing. Yep. It ain't in this ref, but promise, it exists.
  • Personality: Diamond is an upbeat soul, who revels in the good things of life and does his best to push back against the bad. He avoided military service due to his status as a public figure, but nonetheless is not a big fan of the war. He looks for the very best in people, and does not assume anyone is inherently bad or awful unless given excessive reason to. Andee, on the other hand, is a callous, fast-talkin' sonuvabitch. He's quick to sling an insult at anyone he meets, and quicker still to face the consequences with his cock-sure grin despite the fact bats are adorable and tiny.
  • Brief summary: Soooo these two fellas are a special case, and thus will not have the same type of semi-biography, semi-explanations as the other fellas. This is in part because they are my guests! Diamond and Andee are NOT my original characters, but rather belong respectively to Lady Vossler and Myshu. And while there are several of Myshu's other characters that feature in my fic, Andee is a bit special as he will have a bit more involvement with Samael than most of the other characters. The same goes for Diamond -- he gets special mention, since he and Mahihko have some pretty fantastic adventures in store for them. There is actually a planned spin-off story just for a bunch of short stories focused on those two that will be a bit out of canon for the fic proper, but still based in a similar universe.

    Hey, Pony, ya jackass...why do you have a semi-useful ref for them, then? Uhhhh well, friends, because I wanted to have their color palettes set down somewhere, okay? Gosh. Wanna make sure I'm drawing them properly. Because oh boy. Will there be some drawings. Actually I have a bunch already. They'll be in the gallery soon. Promise.

  • Sexual details: UHHHHHhhh I mean. They aren't my characters. BUT. I can tell ya what I know. Diamond is a pansexual fella who enjoys the company of pretty much everyone! He loves the world, baby, and the world loves him back! Does he like to be on the top, or the bottom? Uh. Yes?? Just ask Hiko. These bois ain't found somethin' they don't enjoy yet!

    Andee and Samael, on the other hand, are less lovey-dovey and more, uh. Smashy-smashy. Yeah, that stepladder has been used during sexual intercourse before. Multiple times. In both directions. It's uh. It's pretty awesome to behold, honestly. I'm pretty pumped about drawing it. Yeeeeep.