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Di and Hiko Go to Feral Fest

Diamond and Mahihko go to a con on Sirca, called Feral Fest. YUP. We decided that furries needed to be a thing on Sirca (since the native species, chupadores, don't have ears and their paws/tails are considerably different from other, non-bipedal animals). And since "furry" would be weird to use for a species that already has fur...bam, FERALS! Diamond is reminiscent of a caracal and Mahihko is, obviously, a space-faring raccoon warrior.

The Wager, Part 1

LOOK AT THAT BACKGROUND THO. Hahaha, gods I suck at 'em. But wanted to try doing more than my usual garbage, so there ya have it. Andee and Samael doing what they most likely always do whenever they get to see each other. Also, props to LV for helping me reshade this more goodlier. This version is much better than the original!

The Gang (depreciated)

THE GANG. Somewhat inaccurate (Mahihko is actually like 5'0" but ay)


This is old as shit. But it's probably to this date still one of the best drawings I've done of Amdusias. Dat ass tho.


The first doodle I did of Myshu's bat fella! I was pretty much in love with him the moment I saw him, so had to give him a whirl! (Fuck those wings tho I tell ya what)

Mahihko's Fireside Chats Are Very Popular

This is technically a collaboration! LV, the greatest corn husband in the world, requested this during one of Myshu's art streams. There wasn't enough time to color it, so while Shu did the awesome lines and shading, I did the less impresive colors! And fire! Boy you shoulda seen the first attempt at fire, *woof* was not pretty. Looks okay now though!! #hotnutz

Nobody Does It Better

Hey look, you can't tell who's doing the wooing to whom. Not my best work, but still kinda cute??

On Purple Sheets

MORE SHADING PRACTICE. Still kinda basic-simple like the Blindfold picture over in the adult gallery, but I was still pretty happy at the time. This was a pretty tricky piece since I tried an angle I rarely ever have in the past, but was smart enough to use a reference, at least. Except the subjects of the ref weren't QUITE as different in size. Ah well, still looks okay!


Graceful Melody, in anthro form, as a pony. And currently NOT angry or violent. A rarity indeed.

World's Finest Cocktease

Mahihko, colored with COLORED PENCILS. Shows off his tats pretty good.

A Day at the Beach

This picture went through a rework with some updated shading -- I'm much happier with this result. Much love to Shu and LV for helping me improve my shadow work! Just another idea from the Diko chronicles, because of course these fellas do a beach day at some point.

How Gay Bois Arrive

Here you have your standard homosexual lupine, arriving to the party in the usual fashion