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Day 1

Hey! I think this is called a journal! I got no idea how I'm writin' this 'cause I don't got no thumbs...but I'm makin' it work!

So check it out...I'm on my first adventure!! Holy crap, I'm so excited...Altair said it was time for us to set out and now we're out here in the real world! It's crazy, I can't even remember the last time we were away from home for more than a day or two. Okay, so it hasn't even been one whole day yet, but I already know it'll be more than one day because we traveled so far today!


Like you don't even understand, you don't even get it.





So let me start by saying we're at the ocean! Have you ever even seen an ocean? We've lived near it, but never took a trip out to it. It's so huge! And salty! I tried some of the water, it made me sick. Alty got really worried! But it was okay, it tasted so gross I didn't have any more. They gave me some regular water after that, it helped with the tingling in my muzzle.

I met a new friend, too! We went to this big field where all these strangers were using their loud toys to explode these flying discs. Oh man, I wanted to chase them so bad, but Altair said I might get hurt by accident since everyone was flinging their magic bits of metal everywhere. I dunno why anyone would ever try to hit me with metal, but I guess maybe some of them just don't have very good aim.

Anyway! The grumpy man who was guarding the entrance to this field, he wasn't very nice. But his dog was! I bet the angry guy thought we were gonna fight -- that would be silly, why would I fight a new friend?? The dog was a big guy, a mastiff, I think! Oh man, he smelled a million different people all at once, and there was some food -- probably like his lunch or somethin' -- and I bet he thought I smelled like a million new things, 'cause we were sniffin' each other like there was no tomorrow!

Did I mention that Vega came with us? I dunno if she's gonna go with us on this adventure...but it was really nice having another friend around. I'm excited about all these new sights and sounds...but even I still get a little nervous! And I can tell Altair is glad to have her with us, too. Every step we take is a new step further than we've ever taken before, after all!

Wait, that reminds me! You know all those stories about orcs, and half-orcs...and how scary they're supposed to be? People sure are silly to be so quick to judge! Altair and some of our new friends went into this house -- wow, did it smell weird! I was kinda sad I didn't get to go in...but there was this big, quiet guy outside, an' Alty asked him real nice to keep an eye on me...and he agreed!

Well it didn't take my awesome nose very long to figure out this guy was a half-orc...but you know what? He was one of the nicest people I've ever met! I was all upset 'cause Alty had to go inside without me...but while I was sittin' there, whinin' like a little puppy...the nice orc-man started petting me! And let me tell you...even with his big, giant fingers, he found that sweet spot behind my ear! Wow, it was so awesome, I think my leg was embarrassing, but I didn't care, it felt great!

And just when I thought it could get better...


Holy cow, guys, I don't think words can express how amazing that was. As sad I was that Alty wasn't was one of the best distractions I've ever had. That guy was so nice, I hope no one is mean to him just 'cause he's half-orc.

I gotta say, I did get a little worried when some people came runnin' out of that weird-smelling house before Altair did. I was kinda scared there was a fight and they needed my help! But luckily Alty came out soon after. They talked to some little people outside the house and sent them screaming -- no idea what that was about, but I wanted to chase 'em, I thought we were gonna play!

But nope, no time for play. I had to say goodbye to the nice orc-man -- I gave him a big sloppy kiss, and he just laughed! I hope we get to see him again one day.

We went to this open place with a lot of other people next. I really wanted to go check out some food that I smelled. There was a crowd, and some boring person was talking on and on and on...but all I cared about was that roasted meat!! I was tryin' to convince Alty we should check it out, 'cause I bet they woulda liked it too...when before you know it, everyone's runnin' an' screamin' again! I guess if we're gonna be adventurers, we're gonna hafta get used to always havin' our meals cut short...

But even worse than havin' your potential snack interrupted is havin' your potential snack interrupted by goblins!! What the heck!? I don't even know what they were doing here, but Altair and I weren't gonna let them hurt anyone, not on our watch!!

...not that we had to worry about it, those little jerks came right for us! They were fast, and before I could even jump in the way, one of them hit Alty! Oh boy, I was mad. But I knew I needed to listen to Altair...we hadn't spent all those months training together just for me to be silly and forget everything. I know I can be better than that!

Alty told me to defend...and I was ready! I don't care how small I am, I'm never gonna let my family down! I was in the air before I even realized it and took a big ol' chomp out of that goblin. I bet it didn't even see me coming, which is silly, because I look awesome!

That thing tasted awful, but it didn't like my teeth, that's for sure! It backed right off, and someone else finished it off. We always have each other's back, but it's nice to know there are other people out there we can depend on, too.

We were ready to help with the other goblins, but there were lots of other people who could fight, I guess...all those nasty little guys got taken down. Where did they come from, though? Why were they attacking this place? I dunno, but I'm not scared even if we're gonna go somewhere scary to find out. Wherever Altair goes, I'm gonna go with 'em! No matter how many nasty things get in our way!

I'm gonna hafta cut this short, though...sounds like those goblins weren't the only weird thing going on, we can hear someone else callin' for help in town. We gotta run...but I can't wait to tell you all more about our next adventure! Talk to you soon!



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Day 2

Well, guys, I can say for sure that this whole adventuring thing isn't boring! So remember last time, with those goblins? We followed the sound of people yelling and you'll never guess...more goblins! What the heck? Well, we knew what to do, at least -- gotta help the nice people out!

There were a lot more goblins here. My nose was stinging from the smell, they were everywhere! But I didn't have time to worry about that, 'cuz we had a job to do!

One of the first things we saw when we got there was this nicely-dressed man and his dog. Gosh they were both so beautiful! The man had on this long coat with the most awesome buttons, they were so shiny...and his dog was gold! He was shiny, too, and his fur was so long and pretty! I wished there wasn't a fight happening, 'cuz I definitely wanted to say hi to these two. But they were busy! Two or three goblins were trying to hurt the man, and his dog was defending against them all!

I mean, I'm brave...but to face down that many goblins all at once, by yourself!? That dog was so awesome. He must have had a lot more training than me, too, 'cuz he was all over those goblins without hesitation. I got really worried when one of the little jerks managed a lucky swipe and took one of the golden dog's ears right off...but this guy was so strong, he didn't even let it stop him! He spun right around and took a bite of his own...except he got that goblin's entire arm! It just came right off! Wow!!

Altair and I stayed back at first -- my big sister doesn't have any of those weapons that fling metal around, so they were helping the other fighters with those words they've been practicing. I can't remember what it was called, but Alty concentrates and says a few words...and then whoever they're focusing on gets a boost! It feels really nice, like a warm tingle that gives you a little push. It seems small, but it's really helpful!

While we were helping the others, I saw this goblin hiding behind a cart that was on fire. Well, I'm just a little nervous around fire -- that stuff's hot, it doesn't make me a puppy! -- but I wanted to do my part, too! I got myself all ready and then came runnin' around that cart, ready to chomp!

That goblin saw me and jumped backward right when I snapped my jaws, and there was so much smoke, and he was so quick...I missed! My fangs hit nothin' but air, can you believe it? Aw man, that was no good. And that mean goblin, he saw that one of our new friends was coming over, the big grey half-orc? Oh wait I haven't told you guys about our new friends yet...okay, remind me to do that!

Anyway, he was coming over with his big giant weapon...and the goblin said some weird goblin stuff, and moved his hands around...and the next thing you know that half-orc was on the ground...rolling around...and laughing! He just started laughing uncontrollably and here I am, not even able to bite the goblin, and now he's doing some awful goblin magic on our friend...oh boy, I was real upset. But luckily, another friend was right there! She's a half-orc, too, and she chopped that dumb goblin right in half!

Yeah, that goblin wasn't laughing after that!! He was super-dead! Oh, but our poor grey half-orc friend, he was still laughing. Yeah. That was pretty awkward, but that dumb spell went away soon after the goblin was dead, and then he was okay! I hope he wasn't too embarrassed. Stupid goblins...

That was the last of the goblins, at least, and we were able to take a moment after that. Alty and I joined back up, and they went around to see if they could help patch anyone up. That's something Altair's really good at! They might be pretty quiet -- unlike me!! -- but if they can help heal someone, they're really good at it. It's one of their talents! Which is great, 'cuz all I'm good at is chompin' on stuff, and makin' new friends! So together, we make a great team, all balanced out and stuff!

Uh, oh yeah! So let me tell you about the folks that we been startin' to hang out with. I think we're forming a party. Which is great, 'cuz everyone loves parties. So I talked about the two half-orcs, remember them? The big grey one, he's really cool. He's got blue s cars all over him -- they look like lightning bolts, so awesome! -- and he's got purple hair, too! It's all standing up in this cool-looking fin shape over the top of his head. Oh man, it's really neat. He's got big, big weapons, too! I think his name was Kargas...I heard someone shout it, but I'm not sure. I'm not super good with names, but I promise to tell you guys any that I remember!

And you remember the other half-orc, the one that cut the goblin in half? Yeah, she's green, and she's really good at cutting stuff into pieces! I think she's really cool, too, but I haven't gotten to spend much time with her. She talks a lot to this elf lady. Oh man, that elf, she's from like...the water, I think! She smells a lot like the sea, and she uses water to do her attacks. It's really neat to watch -- I'd love to see it in action when I'm not runnin' around tryin' to bite all these dumb goblins everywhere!

There's also someone who's like my size! This little person, she's like...half the size of a normal person! I don't remember her name, either, but she's got one of those weapons that flings metal around! Uh...what's it's like a bow, but you hold it different, and you don't gotta do a fancy pose, you just kinda crank it back and then ZOOM! The little metal bars go flyin' out. It's neat! And surprisingly quiet, too, considering the fact you're making metal rods go zippin' around everywhere. I like that she's so small, 'cuz I don't feel so small!

An' then there's a regular human guy, too. He smells really interesting, like old paper and books. Someone said he was a bard? And I thought bards just ran around playin' lutes an' singin' an' stuff. I didn't hear him sing...but I tell you what, he talks really nice! His words feel almost magical, like he knows just how to say something and have it go right to your heart! I've also seen him read from a book in the middle of a fight -- sounds crazy, right?? Except it made everyone around us feel really great! I think it's kind of like what Altair does, except this guy does it with fancy words instead of magic ones. Pretty cool!

Anyway, so after we took some time to breathe from the goblin fight, our little party was asked to help take a look at a place that was broken into. I wonder if the goblins did it? They can be nasty little thieves. But we didn't find any goblins there. Just a looooot of weird smells. Kinda like dead people? But like really old dead people. Dusty old dead people.

Altair did some spells, they were helping look for clues, I think. I mostly wandered around sniffin' everything I could. I've never been to such a big house full of dead folks -- why would you want to stack up all these corpses in one place? I dunno, it was a little creepy to me, but I just stayed close to Alty and stayed ready. Never know when you gotta chew on somethin' mean! But. No surprises. It was kinda borin', really. But I got a lot of new smells to keep track of, and that's always exciting.

We went to this bar to get some food after that. Everyone was pretty hungry, including me! And boy oh boy, when I talk about new smells...this place had its fill! I don't even know where to start. You had the people, who were from like everywhere and smelled like everything. I smelled the ocean, I smelled a farm, I smelled some gross alleyway sewer smells. I smelled some trees, and some blood, too. I bet some of those guys were fighters, but whatever they had fought sure wasn't goblins.

They weren't really nice, either. Everyone gave us looks when we came in, probably 'cuz we were new. I didn't like it, so I stayed really close to Altair. But no one tried to do nothin' to us. I bet havin' some half-orcs helped! I sniffed and I sniffed, but there were so many scents that it became pretty hard to know what was what, so I kinda took a break after that.

We didn't stay there long, anyway -- none of us have many coins, and for as gross as that place smelled...they sure did want a lot of coins for their food! And I barely even smelled the food, so I bet it wasn't even that good. Ugh, some people! Well, at least we avoided any scuffles -- I'm sure all of us were still a little tired from the goblins, after all.

Vega was still with us at that point, and she remembered she had a cousin in the area. So we decided that would be the best place to go. We were definitely hungry by then, and Alty and I know what it's like to have to save your coins. I think the rest of the party felt the same way. We can't just go around flingin' our bits when we only got a few!

But oh gosh, it was kinda awkward at Vega's cousin's place. We didn't know they were rich! Wow, the house was big, and there were all these shiny ornaments around it and inside of it. It felt very strange. I could tell Altair wasn't very comfortable, either. They've never had much money...and they found me as an abandoned pup gettin' beat up in an alley, can imagine what this was like.

I pressed real close to Alty's legs so they wouldn't feel too scared by all the fancy stuff. Vega's cousin was real nice...but gosh, it was pretty scary 'cuz you always felt like you were gonna accidentally bump into somethin' and it would shatter and then you'd be in for it!

We all sat down for tea, and I'm pretty sure there were like seven forks.

Okay maybe not seven, but there were a lot!

I think everyone in our little group just stared for like. A minute. I licked Altair's hand to tell them it was okay. Sometimes you just gotta ignore the fancy rules when it comes to food! Either way, I think everyone just guessed which fork to use, and otherwise, we pretended we knew what we were doing and tried our best to enjoy the food.

Hopefully Vega's cousin won't judge none of us too bad -- we're good people! We just don't know our forks. And anyway, they're very nice to let us rest here, so I got my paws crossed in the hope that it's all good. After we ate, everyone was talkin' a lot, so I just curled up at Alty's feet to keep them safe. And that pretty much brings us to now! So I'm gonna end this and take myself a little nap, I think.

A busy day, but I'm already excited for more. Can't wait to tell you guys all about it! Take care, and I'll write again soon!



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Day 3

It says Day 3...but it's really the night! Well it was when we woke up. It was super late and like in the middle of the night. I think we wanted to go after somethin' in the darkness 'cause there's less trouble to deal with! Well...sometimes...

So we were movin' along through town and then Alty grabbed me and had me hush -- it was real hard 'cause I knew I smelled a dog! I wanted to go say hi! But I think they were afraid it might be dangerous. Our friend who talks really nice took this regular ol' stick and he made it smell like meat! Wow, it was hard to stay still...I wanted to eat the crap out of it! But I think it was meant to keep the other dog busy, since we're tryin' to be sneaky!

Kargas -- you remember him, he was the nice half-orc who gave me all that tasty chicken? -- he went over to see what was goin' on. And then, bang! We heard somethin' fall over, and that dog we heard started goin' crazy! That was when Altair told me to go check it out and see if I could maybe calm the dog down.

Luckily he was just freaked out 'cause he didn't know what was going on. All that barking was just him bein' surprised an' tellin' everyone about it...but the problem was that was attracting all kinds of attention! So I went over, and he was pretty friendly, I didn't have to show my teeth or nothin' crazy like that. I just talked to him for a little bit, tried to get him to stop barking at poor Kargas -- that big guy was hanging from a window, I think he used the barrel to get up there, but my new friend must have spooked him!

Anyway, I didn't quite get this dog to hush, but I at least was able to distract him with some good sniffs so that our other half-orc friend could come bop him on the head. I think her name is Reign -- normally she cuts stuff in half, but she's real careful when she wants to be! And that was good, because the dog wasn't really a bad guy. He was just kinda excited and scared and stuff.

Alty called me back and I got all nervous at first 'cause usually they never yell at me! But as soon as I got around the corner, they told me I was a naughty boy! I almost cried a little, but when I got closer, Altair whispered what a good boy I was! I think the first time was just acting, so it would look like I was in trouble...but really, I did good!! It was pretty hard not to wag my tail after that, I gave Altair a whole lot of kisses, too. And no one died, either!

Well all cleared out after that, except that Alty went over to talk to the nice-talking man and Kargas. They chatted for a little bit, so I just curled up by Alty's feet and took a little nap. When big people talk, it can get pretty boring, after all.

But then we finally went back to the inn and got some more sleep. I never complain about that! It was probably a good decision, too...because the next morning, we went out hunting! And guess who we went with -- that fancy guy we saved! Yeah!

It was extra nice 'cause he gave us some horses. Oh man, I love horses. Some wolves don't, 'cause horses are so big and they can kick you real hard, but I always liked 'em. And they're really friendly as long as you aren't mean to them. The one that Alty got was really cool, he smelled like hay but also sweat, I know he's gonna be a hard worker. He's black and white, too...just like me! Altair decided to call him Ace, which is a pretty awesome name if you ask me. I dunno what it means, but it's nice and easy to say. I like that!

Since Alty's really good at healing stuff, we didn't do a lot of the hunting. Some of the other people in the party managed to get a boar -- lots of meat from that one! It smelled really good, too, but I was a good boy and stayed back so that they could get all the good stuff from its body. I guess not everyone wants to have meat that's covered in wolf slobber, huh?

We did have one big surprise -- and by big, I mean a giant tick!! That thing was huge! Aw man, and ticks are gross enough already when they're little and get stuck in your fur and stuff...this one was bigger than me! Maybe even bigger than Alty!

But our little party is already getting stronger, and they took care of it before anyone could get hurt too bad. Alty used some of their magic to heal some of the people, which was really nice of them 'cause I know Alty gets tired after doing so many spells and stuff.

When we got back to town, I thought maybe we'd have some time to prepare all that tasty boar meat and maybe sell some of the parts...but no rest for us adventurers, I guess! This strange lady came running up to us and I could see she had her puppy...I mean, her child in her arms. It looked like it got bit, though, an' she was pretty upset. She said somethin' about how it was a, those stupid things sure cause a lot of trouble! The nice-dressed man had to go, but the rest of us all followed her back to her house. We can't just let goblins run around hurtin' people...

Alty told me we were gonna hold back for a sec and wait for everyone to surround the house -- we didn't want the nasty guy to get away. My big half-orc friend went in...Kargas is really brave! But next thing we knew, he was yellin' and it sounded like it hurt!

Alty an' me were at the front door so we got it open -- we saw Kargas in a real bad shape, that goblin musta got him good. But my job was to protect my family, so while Altair helped Kargas, I went to find the bad guy.

The little friend from our party was facin' that goblin down...I think her name was Femi? Somethin' like that. She's the half-sized one who uses that big weapon that fires out those metal rods. She called it a crossbow...which is weird, 'cause it doesn't look like no bow I ever seen!

I wanted to help, so I tried to chomp that stupid goblin, but the jerk was too fast! I missed an' went around the other side to keep it from gettin' away. I think Femi was tryin' to stop from killin' it 'cause we could maybe talk to it and find out where all these stupid goblins're comin' from!

The rest of our friends came in and we all took the guy down together. Somehow managed to stop from killin' it, too! Which was pretty impressive 'cause it smelled awful. Although I guess killin' it would just make it smell worse.

The team dragged the goblin outta there, but Alty stayed back to talk to the sad lady. I dunno what happened to her pup, but she was real quiet and looked really upset. Altair wasn't doin' any of their healing stuff, but he did a lot of quiet talking. I wanted to help, but since she couldn't understand me, I just sat next to her an' Alty and rested my head on her knees. I dunno if she realized I was a wolf or not -- sometimes people get scared of me when they find out, which is just plain silly 'cause I'm really nice!

Anyway, it didn't seem to bug her too much 'cause she was pettin' me between my ears while she was cryin' and stuff. I always hate to see people cry, but if me and Altair can help them feel better, then we're doin' the right thing, right?

We went back to our friends after talking to the sad lady and called it a day. It was busy, after all, and we had a late night. Hopefully things won't be so rough tomorrow...always gotta look to the future, no point in lookin' back!

Talk to you guys soon!



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Day 4

So remember in my last journal, when I said we went to the tavern to rest? There was some excitement after I did that entry...oh boy!

This nice lady who owns the tavern was up late when we got there, but she wasn't alone. Someone older than her was having a big, loud talk with her. She seemed upset but I don't think it was our job to say anything, 'cause none of us said nothin'. I couldn't understand anything they were saying, either -- I wonder if anyone else in the group did? It was very strange!

Once the angry old man left, all our friends decided to stay up a little bit to have a drink with the nice lady. It was fine by me -- I got to go around and sniff all of Altair's new friends so I could get to know them better! The guy who talks really nice smells really interesting, too -- I'm pretty sure I heard that his name was Ducks. What a silly name! I love it! But otherwise, I was close to Altair all night until we wen to bed. That's where things always feel best, no matter what. We're such a good team!

Everyone slept good that night! Nothin' attacked us, and we didn't get up in the middle of the night to do nothin', so we finally caught up on some rest, I think! Or I hope, at least. But when we went down to find a nibble...the nice lady who owns the tavern was gone! That was a pretty gross way to start the morning...she was so kind to us. Well, we couldn't leave that alone!

I was ready to start sniffin' her out, but the big people talked for a little bit and asked some of the other people who worked at the tavern for clues. I guess that was pretty smart instead of just goin' out runnin' around tryin' to find her like I wanted to do. Dang.

Well, they must have gotten some kind of directions, 'cause we all went right to this big building outside town. Wow, I wish you coulda seen it -- it was was this huge building but it was full of heat and smoke! The smells were really strange, and everywhere you looked was just lots and lots of glass. I think it was like...a glass factory! Did you know that they made glass? I thought it just kinda got dug up from the ground!

Well anyway, you could also smell goblins. Or at least I could. More goblins, can you even believe it? We knew our duty! Or at least everyone else did. Unfortunately the way into the building was really small so me'n Alty stayed outside while some of our friends went in. I was pretty upset -- it didn't take long to hear some fighting start, and those goblin screeches are hard to miss! I dunno where those nasty little things keep coming from, but at least we're hopefully gettin' better at beatin' 'em up.

When things started to sound really nasty, Alty decided to in and help. That was probably smart -- they're good at supporting, an' I could tell they needed a hand! But then Alty told me to stay behind and defend the entryway.

That was probably one of the hardest things we've ever done. I'm not used to being apart from my big sister! We've always stuck together, especially in a fight. But Altair was trustin' me to hold this ground, and keep our friends I was gonna do it, no questions asked!

It was quiet at first, but soon I could hear some glass break. I was out there holdin' down the doorway, and the man who talks really nice was there with me. Mr. Ducks, remember him? Yeah, I was watchin' his back. And then all of a sudden...goblins!

One of those awful jerks came runnin' around the corner of the building...I was so focused on the inside and the doorway that I didn't see it until too late! WHOOSH!

He shot me!

I didn't have time to try and avoid it, and oh boy, did it hurt. I felt the little metal rod hit me right in my shoulder. It almost knocked me over and it hurt like nothin' else. Boy, I was mad, I could feel the blood comin' down my leg, but I had a job to do! So I bared my teeth and growled, and took position in front of the doorway. No one was comin' in or goin' out on my watch!

...unfortunately that goblin had a friend. An' before I knew it, they were both on me. Mr. Ducks was behind me, sayin' his big words to try and keep everyone strong, and that lady who uses water, the one with the pointy ears? She was there, too -- I was there to protect 'em both.

I barely even saw what was happenin', I was just tryin' to bite both goblins, spinnin' around, snappin' my jaws wherever I could. But they were fast, and they were strong. I did everythin' I could to stay my ground, to keep my paws firmly planted an' not give even a single inch...but they kept comin'.

They both had these long blades, and I was tryin' my best to avoid 'em...but I couldn't. I felt one gash, and then another. And then another. There was blood in my eyes, runnin' all over my sides. One of my legs was hurt so bad I could barely even stand.

My vision started gettin' all fuzzy, like my eyes were gonna close an' I was gonna go to sleep. I could hear Altair's voice, though...they were tellin' me to pull back. I didn't want to -- I had to protect my friends! But Altair is my best friend, more'n anyone else. I always wanna listen, 'cause I'm a good boy. So I limped away an' left those goblins to Mr. Ducks and the water-lady.

My legs barely worked, an' I was leavin' some blood behind. But that didn't matter -- I had to get to my family. I couldn't just go and die all alone, now. So I pulled myself along 'til I got to my big sis -- they were kneelin' in the entryway, an' they looked scared as heck for me. I didn't wanna make Alty worried, so I did my best to smile.

I dunno if it worked or not -- maybe it ended up bein' a little scary...but I just wanted to show them it was okay -- this was an adventure, and we knew we might run into danger. I couldn't stand after that and I collapsed right in Altair's lap, let my eyes close and felt the world get real quiet.

I could steal hear fightin', though it was gettin' dim. I think our two friends at the entrance took care of those dumb goblins...I'm glad. Don't want them to get to Alty. That'd make me real sad. Couldn't hear much of the others. Think maybe they were further in. Sounded like some fightin' way far down. Musta been a basement or somethin'.

I wasn't sure. I was feelin' pretty done.

Hopefully I'd be remembered as a good boy.

But for now...just a little nap. Just a little nap, even if I'm kinda scared. I don't wanna go, I'm not ready to go. But I'm real tired. Sorry, Alty -- I tried my best, but I still got so much to learn. I'm gonna miss you...


But then I heard Altair's voice. They sounded clear, even if everythin' else was real quiet and full of cotton. They were holdin' me close in their lap, askin' if everyone else was okay. Maybe the fightin' was done. Maybe everyone else is okay! That's good. That's real good.

But before I can fall asleep...I feel a warmth.

I haven't felt this in a long time, since that one day when I hurt my leg chasin' a bird in the woods. Big Sis held me close, moved their hands, said some soft words...and it got better!

This was like that...but even more. I could feel that warm tingling in my legs, movin' up through my body. Down to the tip of my tail, and all the way to the end of my nose. Altair was healin' me! Oh man, I was so happy. I love them so much. Family always sticks together!

My tail was thumpin' as all those holes in me started to close up. I felt only a little bit of pain when Alty finally pulled their hands back, but I was able to get back to my paws and jump up and give them a big kiss! Altair's so awesome, I thought for sure I was a goner! But now I felt great! I'm so lucky to have such a great family!!

Once I was back up an' walkin' around, I could see there'd been a huge fight. Goblins were everywhere...and they were super-dead, too. I was kinda sad I didn't get to make more of the dead ones, but I know I'm gonna get there eventually. Every day, Alty an' me get stronger.

Our big friend Kargas the half-orc came up from the basement with some guy over his shoulders. I thought he was dead, but then I saw his chest breathin' when Kargas put him in this little cart-thingy. I think it's called a wheeled barrel? I dunno, two-legged tools are so weird sometimes. And we also found the lady that owns the tavern! She looked pretty bad, but she was alive, and that was good. I was really scared we'd find another corpse. We must have gotten there just in time!

That guy Kargas carried out in the wheeled barrel got put into a cell. He must have been a bad guy! That's probably why they didn't want him to die...we still needed to find out where all these goblins were coming from, after all!

After that we split up -- I stayed close to Alty, I wasn't about to go runnin' off now after what just happened! Wasn't gonna leave their side for nothin', not unless they said to, 'cause I trust 'em. Kargas was with us, along with that little one, you remember her, Femi? We make a pretty interestin' team, I'll tell you that much! Big ol' Kargas, Alty so tall but slender...little Femi, half their size...and me! The wolf! I'm not so big either, but my teeth are, at least!

We went to a really fancy house, kinda like where we had tea that one day. But we weren't there for tea today. Some man with a very strange accent talked to us first. He looked very stiff and awkward. He was all dressed up, but still looked really boring. He had on a little bow around his neck, too! That was silly...I'm pretty sure only little kids and dogs and sometimes maybe little wolves like me are supposed to wear bows.

He led us to another man, who was dressed really nice. And he was flashy. He reminded me of the other really-nicely-dressed man, who had that super-brave dog with him. But this guy didn't seem so nice. I felt pretty nervous around him. I stayed close to Altair, and I think I might have growled a little when I felt how Alty felt. They were smiling while they talked, but I know my big sister's voice. They sounded a little mad.

Well, I'm not sure what they got him to say, but our instincts were right! He musta been a bad guy, 'cause my good friend Kargas the Chicken-Giver jumped over and wrapped an arm around his neck! And let me tell you what...when a half-orc gets an arm around your neck, you better hope they're just givin' you a hug, 'cause I bet that would hurt like heck!

...I think this guy had it comin', anyway. But lucky for him, we didn't want him dead, either. We needed answers! Kargas is real strong, but real good at being careful, too. He just made the guy fall asleep with his big ol' arm, and we carried him to the same place as the guy from the basement.

Now we've got two bad guys behind bars! Not bad, right??

AND I also didn't die!!

I know, a pretty awesome day, right??

I think so, anyway. But we're gonna take a little break, now, it's been real busy and I know I'm probably not the only exhausted one. I'm gonna go lie down with Alty for a little bit, give them some more kisses for savin' me. I'll talk to you guys soon, be safe out there! We'll do the same!!



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Day 5

Whew. All that excitement. Guys, we were due for a break! And luckily...we got one! So after Kargas n' Alty dragged that rich guy to the place with the bars, the party all split up. Guess who we met up with again? Vega! We had a really nice team with Vega -- me 'n Altair played cards while the humans did some talkin'.

Did you guys know we played cards?!?

Let me tell you all about it! Alty has this deck of cards with all these pretty pictures on them, and whenever we have some time to ourselves, we look at them! Well, to be exact, Altair mixes up all the cards, and then like...they spread them out...and then, they let me pick some out! Sometimes I use my paw to poke one, and sometimes I get to use my teeth and pull one out! I'm really good at bein' careful, so I haven't eaten a single card yet! How cool is that? Uh the answer is 'really cool' in case you were wondering.

So we did that for a little while an' I think I must have gotten some cards that weren't so great, 'cause Altair looked a little worried when I pulled one of them out. But before my big sibling had a chance to tell me what the cards meant, we heard something upstairs. We were down in the main room of the tavern, but we were all down there. So who was upstairs makin' noise??

We all ran upstairs and I gave a really good growl when I realized the sounds were coming from our room! Yeah, I know! Alty an' me weren't even in there, so who thought they could go in there and mess with our stuff?!

Boy oh boy, I was fired up! But maybe it was a good thing I didn't get to go in there -- Alty an' me stayed back, 'cause we didn't want me to almost die again! Well, either way, it was okay 'cause it was just one human. I think she musta been some kinda thief, she had a bag an' I'm pretty sure she was tryin' to steal some of Alty's stuff when we found her.

Anyway, the fight didn't take very long 'cause it was all of our friends just against her, and she got captured real quick. I still kinda wanted to find out what she was doing -- people usually tell me the truth even if they can't understand me, 'cause I guess I can look scary. But instead, Altair stopped our friends from taking her away after she said somethin'. I didn't quite hear it, but it must have been important!

I sat next to Altair 'n they talked to this lady for a long time. I wasn't really listenin', I was just watchin' her to make sure she didn't try nothin' suspicious. I tried not to growl, though, 'cause they were talkin' pretty calm and Altair didn't seem upset. They just seemed...well. They seemed sad. I wasn't really sure why. Maybe somethin' the thief-lady was saying. I dunno. I gave Alty's hand a kiss and some nuzzles to help them feel better, and whatever they were talkin' about eventually led to Altair sayin' some stuff to the rest of the party.

My friend Kargas must have not liked what he heard, 'cause he stomped away all grumpy after Alty was done talkin'. And I guess once we made sure the lady didn't have any of our stuff, we let her go, too. But she did write some stuff down on a piece of paper. And since we are on a quest to find out what's been happening with the goblins and all the other weird stuff...findin' things out is a good thing.

Even if she was a dumb thief.

Anyway, whatever information she gave to us led us to some caves!

Caves, right?! I dunno how I feel about caves. There are so many cool smells...but they're also dark. And wet. And a little scary. So yeah, I dunno.

It was just the party again when we went into the caves, no civilians and stuff. I guess there's always a chance that caves will have some monsters or bad guys or somethin'. And guess what??

Sometimes they have somethin' even worse.

There was a loud ruckus from down the path in the caves. Alty had me stay back at first -- we didn't know what it was, and we didn't want me gettin' into trouble again! So I sat next to this weird statue like a good boy. I was lookin' at the statue, tryin' to figure out what it was...and then...all of a sudden...

I was in the air! the AIR!! I didn't even jump or nothin', just...whoosh, my paws are off the ground and I'm floatin' around helplessly! I can't even bite whatever it is that did this 'cause I don't see nothin' or no one!

It didn't hurt, but it was scaring me just a little bit.

I don't know if I whined...but maybe I did. Just a little. Anyway, I saw Alty turn around and run back to me, which...of course! We're family, we look out for each other! Except uh...well...

Poor Altair was stuck in the air, too! They were fast enough that they grabbed the statue before they could completely float up to the top of the cave, luckily. But now we were both helpless! This sucked!

Our friends came runnin' back, though, and they had to push Alty out of the space with the floaty-air. It woulda probably been pretty funny if my furry butt wasn't still stuck in the air, too!!

Well, at least we got freed from the floatin', and there wasn't much time to figure out what the heck caused it 'cause this big flying creature came soarin' through the cave to fight us all!

It was this giant thing, with wings and stuff. It kept flying up and outta reach -- I can't fly, dangit! So I was pretty useless. Me an' Alty stayed out of the way for a while, 'cause I was useless an' Altair likes to support the team. Buuuuut...just when everyone thought that Alty couldn't help...bam!!

See, everyone thinks just 'cause my big sibling is a supporter, they can't do nothin' else. Ha! We showed them! First, Alty cast a spell that made the stupid flying monster stop talkin'! Which was pretty dang awesome, since not only was it flying around like a complete jerk...but it was castin' its own spells, too! But guess what's real hard to do when you can't talk!!?? SPELLS!

Oh, but Altair wasn't done yet, nope! 'Cause they had another spell no one expected. I guess they weren't payin' attention the last time we grew in power! The next thing Alty did was make the flyin' monster stop movin'! Yup! It didn't matter that it could fly, all it could do after that spell was either float in place, or fall to the ground!

Yeah, you can imagine how it went after that, woof. Our friends moved in real quick to finish that big jerk off, and Alty got to catch their breath. See! You guys never know when your healer friend can come save the day! I wasn't even upset I didn't get to bite it, I was super proud of Altair.

After the fight, Kargas was tryin' to catch his breath, and the big guy accidentally knocked over a biiiiig stone bath. It had carvings of birds on it.

Birds. I don't like birds very much. I didn't trust that bath one bit.

And hey, I wasn't all that wrong, either! 'Cause the birdbath spit out some demons during the fight, for one thing. And also, it was full of this weird smelly orange fluid. So when the bath fell over and some of it got on Kargas...all heck broke loose.

That big ol' half-orc went crazy! I saw his eyes get all small and he took his weapon and just started swingin' it around all insane-like. He was blind with rage! Luckily we were all able to get outta the room before he could hit any of woulda hurt, too, 'cause you guys remember how strong he is, right?

Yeah, that woulda hurt. But once he didn't see anyone to attack, he just went around the room knockin' stuff over, swingin' his weapons into the walls and stuff. It was pretty loud, but we were safe, so it all worked out okay.

And once Kargas was done bein' all insane, we were able to go back in and get all the goods from the big flying jerk monster. It turned out all good! And Alty proved they were more than just a helper in a fight, too. That should teach everyone to judge an Altair by their cover!

Anyway, after all the excitement, we were able to take a rest. I'm guessin' we're gonna need it, 'cause like I said -- caves! Ya can't trust 'em!

You guys all be careful out there, and keep your eyes open for my next letter!