No More Dicks

How Sammy Met Andee (Unabridged)
So I'm giving the whole narration thing a shot, because I know some people can't be fucked to read. Embedded here is the first run at trying out the whole...audiobooking thing. There are some quality issues I'll have to think about addressing if I continue the endeavor, so bear with me!
Verse 1: Too Much Exposition
Here's Verse 2 in audiobook format! Took some notes on what to fix, which included slowing down a bit when I narrate, and trying to make Nelson sound a LITTLE less like Solid Snake. Not sure I got that part fixed, whoops. Oh well! Enjoy!
Verse 2: Ya Got Trouble
Verse 3 is fresh 'n ready to go. Our two intrepid rogues celebrate after their successful job and take a little time to relax. But we should all know by now there's no such thing as an easy time for this kinda drama!
Verse 3: When I Look at You
Verse 4, hot off the...vocal...presses? The days go past for Samael and Andee as Xulod comes to accept the rebel as one of their own. We learn a little about one of Samael's few fears...and things get a little gay, even!
Verse 4: Montage
Verse 5 here! We've got one HELLUVA ride with our boys, right through an Omegite's house! Y'all ain't seen a heist like this before! Enjoy it, yo.
Verse 5: The Number in the Middle of the Show
Verse 6, juicy and spicy and everything nicey! Actually this one's not as nice. This one's kinda rough. Hopefully you'll enjoy the emotional trip, though! Prepare yourself for a bonus mission, followed by some hot, hot arguing and the best gay drama you'll everything find.
Verse 6: All the Things You Are
Verse 7 is here and can barely be contained. You better hold onto ya butts. The emotions continue while Samael tries to work through what went down with Andee...York does his best to help, so sit back and see the puppies try to lift their spirits!

Please note, this chapter contains an EXPLICIT scene! (It's dude-on-dude, if that matters to ya!)
Verse 7: Something