Nothing Ever Goes As Planned
This is technically a fanwork of a fanwork of a fanwork. I know, exciting!! Join a crew of my characters as they stumble into a world occupied by weird furry aliens!
The setting for this story, and most main characters that aren't mine, belong to Myshu. Check them out, and see what inspired this work!
I bet some of you are thinking 'Wow, hey, Pony/Whorse/Mahihko/Lone/whoever-the-fuck-you-are, this story is probably like the BEST thing I've ever read...but I have trouble imagining what the characters look like!! Dang!'

Well, don't fret, my friends. I can help ya out with your dilemma by directing you here, to the refs page!
Here, you can find references of all my fellas in the fic! If you want to see artistic references of any characters that aren't my own (with the exception of a couple particular bois...), you're better off heading over to Myshu's site! Link's just above. And again, if you haven't read her Red vs. Blue comic...I highly recommend it! This fic will make a lot more sense!!