How Sammy Met Andee IN PROGRESS
A vignette that takes a gay jaunt through the past to show us how Sirca's most popular and beloved couple came to be. Or something like that. Some gay shit I've been wanting to write, and since I was so inspired with a particular chapter in the fic above, decided to kick this off, too. Yaaaaaay.

Hey whoa, did you know I started a (fake) audiobook project for this story? Check it out here! Leave some feedback on that page if ya like, I'll work to improve each verse I do!
Evergreen and Amber NON-CANON, COMPLETE
Oh hey, this is pretty much uhhhh the first time I've written something that's almost ENTIRELY non-OC-fic. Main characters are Myshu's boys, which I guess technically means they are Rooster Teeth's boys, but NOT REALLY, they're BETTER now. So this here's the tale of how Wash and York found that there's maybe something more between them than just being long-time fighting partners and friends. Enjoy, yo.
Chokepoint COMPLETE
There was a grand total of ZERO INTEREST(!!!) in the origin story of York and Wash's relationship, so I did what I do and wrote a story about it, anyway. Take a trip back in time with the boys to where they first met, and the circumstances that built the groundwork for the bond they share today.
Resonant Frequency COMPLETE
Lots of people have asked if York has always liked dongs, since...y'know. Seems more like he's a ladies' man. Then it came out that he had a SORTA BOYFRIEND. So naturally, a story had to be written to describe how, precisely, York learned that he could enjoy intimate times with people who WEREN'T ladies. Lo and behold, Enter the Redneck. This here's a story 'bout how Samael met York and introduced him to the other half of the a few li'l bonus follow-up tales of some of their exploits afterward.
Turbulence COMPLETE
LESBIANS. No seriously. What else do you need to know? LESBIANS!
(this is the story of how Nelson and Ashley met, along with some background tales of what happened to the original Movement base at Qoppa and how Nelson found herself in a wheelchair)
The ex-Freelancers weren't just able to walk out of their old job when they decided to join the Movement. A bit of friction was necessary to leave that joint. Check this story out if ya wanna learn about the early days of the FreeRebels, and what life was like for them just before and just after they left the Freelancer Division.

Nothing Ever Goes As Planned NON-CANON, ON INDEFINITE HOLD
This is technically a fanwork of a fanwork of a fanwork. I know, exciting!! Join a crew of my characters as they stumble into a world occupied by weird furry aliens!
The setting for this story, and most main characters that aren't mine, belong to Myshu. Check them out, and see what inspired this work!
I bet some of you are thinking 'Wow, hey, Pony/Whorse/Mahihko/Lone/whoever-the-fuck-you-are, this story is probably like the BEST thing I've ever read...but I have trouble imagining what the characters look like!! Dang!'

Well, don't fret, my friends. I can help ya out with your dilemma by directing you here, to the refs page!
Here, you can find references of some of my fellas in the fics! If you want to see artistic references of any characters that aren't my own (with the exception of a couple particular bois...), you're better off heading over to
Myshu's site! And again, if you haven't read her Red vs. Blue comic...I highly recommend it! All the fics will make a lot more sense!!