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After crumbling the Patriarch's regime, an aging Zerrex began hunting down any doomsday weapons left over from the Great War, destroying them under the orders of Hez'Ranna. But one device leads Zerrex to a discovery that will rock him to the core of his belief system, as he is puppeted by forces far greater than he can comprehend as he faces life, then death, and then the world that awaits him beyond as supernatural beings battle for supremacy around the mortal world, and in their own domains of both light and darkness.

The first story to fully embrace concepts of the paranormal, exploring spirituality yet still fraught with danger, action, and raw horror. Delving into the meanings of punishment, sin, redemption, and atonement, and revitalizing the series with powerful new characters, locations, and ideas. Intended for adult audiences only: contains graphic scenes of sexuality and violence.