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The first story in the series, setting the stage for all the stories to follow and illustrating both the city and the people who helped change Zerrex from a cold-blooded murderer and into the warrior who seeks redemption for himself and others in his journey throughout the world. The first story starts in the microcosm of Baskin's Grove, the city almost a world to itself and torn apart by constant civil war between the rich and poor halves of the town, with Zerrex first serving on the poor side as a mercenary for hire, drowning himself in blood and carnal desire to try and escape his haunting past.

Action, violence, and sex all comingle together in one intense but moving story. The first story, introducing some of the arguably most-important characters in the entire series and creating the powerful image of Zerrex that follows from story-to-story. Intended for adult audiences only: contains graphic scenes of sexuality and violence.