Eudaemon II: Dragon and Colossus

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After the events of the first Eudaemon, Zerrex begins to settle down with his newfound family and friends, but not all is well. It is not long before a figure from Zerrex's past shows up, Requiem Narrius, and mercilessly crushes the thought-indestructible 'Dragon of Baskin's Grove' into the ground, then kidnaps his daughter and issues a challenge to his former student. Other events collide: from conspiracy in Apple Villa to good intentions gone wrong from admirers, Zerrex is once more swallowed up in subterfuge and warfare of all shape and level in Baskin's Grove.

Emphasising both right and wrong, the story paves the path for Zerrex's greater accomplishments and gives a deeper glimpse into his past, showing how he became the merciless Captain Ravenlight. Intended for adult audiences only: contains graphic scenes of sexuality and violence.