Eudaemon III: Rebirth

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Zerrex has momentarily achieved the idyllic life, but it is shattered when his youngest daughter is stolen away from him and he travels out of Baskin's Grove and to the wild nation of Hez'Ranna to retrieve her, called the Cradle of Life by the Drakkai species. The jungles of the continent called home by Zerrex's ancestors hold deep and terrible secrets, however, that will escalate into a worldwide struggle... and yet through it all, Zerrex's only goal will be to get his daughter back from the clutches of a monster resurrected from the grave.

Further expanding on the concepts of the supernatural already glimpsed in the previous Eudaemon stories, and giving deeper insight to Zerrex's frail psyche and the past of both Cherry Blossom and Cindy Narrius, while challenging the concepts of good and evil and further solidifying the ideals of right and wrong. Intended for adult audiences only: contains graphic scenes of sexuality and violence.