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Longing for the mortal world, Zerrex has the briefest of respites before new threats make their presence known, and Zerrex is once more dragged into a struggle to protect those he loves and that which he holds dear to him. From old enemies rearing their ugly heads to new foes with unimaginable powers, Zerrex and his family battle to save their homes and themselves from being destroyed, even as they go through changes good and bad and face evils not only without, but inside many of themselves as well.

Once more exploring the ideas of Heaven and Hell as well as good and evil, Zerrex confronts himself as much as he does the outside world, and how his own strengths also form a dangerous and deadly prison of both allure and responsibility around himself. He also deals deeper into the meaning of family, friendships, and love, and how necessary they are in his life for many different reasons after his twisted and sadistic past. Intended for adult audiences only: contains graphic scenes of sexuality and violence.